I’m at meetings these days, so don’t have time for refined posting, but here is an article that continues the previous post’s focus on what to do about the world, the flesh, and the devil!


and from a younger voice,


By the way, as a member of a Missionary Religious Congregation, I am in no way called to the monastery in any form, but rather must live my life in the world with all its wonders and woes…and try to make a difference.

2 thoughts on “More pondering of the Benedict Option

  1. Jesus did not pull himself away from the world – heck he allowed himself to be nailed to the cross rather than withdrawing to a safe place. I look at Eugene (St. Eugene de Mazenod) and look at the times he wanted to withdraw’ to the monastery’ but he lived among and close to the people when he could have chosen a comfortable position. I did look at and think of entering a monastery at one point but that was not where I was called to be. I am called not to exclude myself from the muck and mud of the world, but rather to stand in it. It is too the only way the world can change – other wise it just becomes polarized.

    1. Good perspective, Eleanor; I agree! I remember preaching during my first year at King’s House. Our Final talk of The Weekend was ALWAYS on mission, in the context of the general theme for that year. I let fly some comment like “we are called to stay put in our dirty, noisy urban core, rather than flee to our cozy, gated communities.” I got pushback from some of the retreatants (who opted for cozy) 🙊.

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