On the move

My blog has been pretty silent for months.  I am moving to Godfrey, IL, to our Novitiate.  I thought I would change the title of this site to accompany my new location.  We sit high up of the bluffs above the Mississippi River, so my daily encounter with Grace will have a new home base, thus the name change to “Grace on the bluffs”!


Handed over to the torturers – today’s Gospel tells us that this will be our due, unless we each forgive our brother or sister who has wronged us from our heart.

It seems to be a universal human experience: forgiveness is hard!  The homilist I listened to pointed to the equally universal (reluctant) human reaction: “I’ll forgive, but I’ll never forget!”  We want to cling to the toxic residue of our grudges and resentments!

Lent invites us to look to Jesus – especially our Crucified Savior – as a model of forgiveness.  I appreciate James Alison’s recent work, along with a video conversation he had with Richard Rohr, on Jesus Forgiving Victim.  (Video is HERE )

It is hard to remember that we will achieve a new and renewed freedom to the extent that we let go of, hand over to God, our sometimes petty, stubborn resentments.  Jesus the forgiving victim is for us the example par excellence of one who trusts and turns over to God Abba all that binds us in unfreedom!  May we grow through the rest of Lent in the art of forgiving.

More pondering of the Benedict Option

I’m at meetings these days, so don’t have time for refined posting, but here is an article that continues the previous post’s focus on what to do about the world, the flesh, and the devil!


and from a younger voice,


By the way, as a member of a Missionary Religious Congregation, I am in no way called to the monastery in any form, but rather must live my life in the world with all its wonders and woes…and try to make a difference.